Tinton Falls EMS has many different ways you can join the squad and serve your community.  There are several different levels of membership starting at probationary and going all the way to Full Active member.  Probationary members start out with Professional CPR and Basic First aid training and other basic training classes to provide the member with enough information to support the active members with providing medical services.  Probationary members learn from the Active members about caring and providing first aid from people who have been doing it for many years.

After 12 to 24 months, a probationary member can move up to an active riding member after going through the state required Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training program.  This program provides about 110 hours of advanced first aid training and gives the member more knowledge and experience to handle the most common medical emergencies you will encounter in your community.  Free training is only one of the many free benefits available to our members.

Tinton Falls has two volunteer EMS squads both serving the Borough at the same time.  It is better to join the squad that is closer to your house so you can respond to calls more quickly.  It you aren’t sure which squad to join, send us an email and we find out what squad building you live closer to.  We all work together to serve our community.

We have many ways to apply for membership.  Please send us your application using any method below you prefer and the membership committee will contact you for an informal interview.  The interview is just us getting together and telling you all about the squad and we make sure we answer any questions you may have about us and how we operate.  Please let us if you have any questions or just want to talk about what its like to serve on an EMS squad and make a difference in someone’s life everyday.

In addition to the regular application, cadets also need to print out and have their parents sign the Cadet Membership Form outlining how the cadet program works and what is expected from both the parents and the cadets.  Please bring this form with you when you come in to talk to us about the squad.


The easiest way is to download the Microsoft Word formatted Member application to your hard drive and fill it out.  Then click on the email link below to send the application as an attachment to the membership committee.  Cadets need to print out the “Cadet Membership form” in addition to the application and bring it in for the interview.

If you have Adobe Reader, you can fill out the application online and print it to your printer.  Then just mail it or FAX it to the membership committee using the information below.  If you use other PDF programs (Foxit for example), you will be able to save a copy of the PDF form and email it to the squad.  There are lots of other programs that will allow you to save a PDF form but Adobe Reader is not one of them.

Tinton Falls EMS – NORTH
Phone 732-542-5561, FAX 732-542-2397
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