The Borough of Tinton Falls was originally settled in the late 1600’s under the name of New Shrewsbury. The New Shrewsbury First-Aid Squad was founded in November 1955 and back then there were only 160 calls in 1956. The Borough was later renamed Tinton Falls in 1975 and Tinton Falls EMS was renamed to match the Borough. Modifications to a chicken coop provided the first squad house. It was again renovated in 1994 to the existing building at 46 Old Mill Road which still houses Tinton Falls EMS – North. A second squad was formed in March 1994, and in 1995 Tinton Falls EMS – South took occupancy of its new building at 1 Volunteer Way.

Tinton Falls First Aid Services are divided into 3 squads; 3621 (North), 3622 (South), and 3623 (Paid). The volunteer squad 3621 is located in the Northern part of the town and 3622 is located in the Southern part of town. In 2006, Tinton Falls started a paid service called squad 3623 and responds to calls during the daytime when many of our volunteer members are at work not available to respond. The volunteer squads respond to calls at night and to calls during the day when the paid squad is on another call.

While squad 3623 charges for their services to help pay their expenses, the volunteer squads do not charge for providing first aid services. The volunteer squads rely on donations and volunteers from the community to continue to operate. When you receive our Annual Fund Drive letter, please consider it carefully. Your donations assist us in continuing our efforts. While many other towns are moving towards removing their volunteer squads and going completely paid, Tinton Falls has two thriving, dedicated squads that save the tax payers and citizens of Tinton Falls thousands of dollars a year.

We realize that our efforts are only part of the equation that enable us to respond to emergencies. The Tinton Falls Police Department is an essential link, as is the support of our families, friends and community.

We always welcome additional volunteers, or, if you have a service you think may be useful to our operation, call us! As the needs of our community grow, so do those of the volunteer services provided throughout Tinton Falls.